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I realize this episode is six years old, and the sad reality is that some of the people featured in this docuseries are dead. I bawled my way through watching this. I know you aren’t supposed to compare struggles, but how can this not serve as a reminder to be thankful for your health or even be thankful for your own struggles. I can’t speak for people that have ALS, but I feel that if I had it, I would be incredibly frustrated with the lack of progress for a cure. Not to go down a rabbit hole, but I often wonder if they actually do have a cure for certain deadly diseases that “they” (government or whatever person or persons have financial control, global influence, & ability to make decisions related to the FDA or surrounding scientific progress/drug availability)…if cures or lifesaving advancements in medicine are being withheld as some kind of calculated risk. Like, some fucked up way to kill off sick people that can’t work or that are seen as an expense to a world reigned by currency. I can’t imagine why anyone would do that, but at the same time it doesn’t make logical sense to me why there is a two year “safety” cut off for clinical trials for people who have a disease that is going to kill them. I just find it hard to believe that we have AI and are making technological advancements that are not able to be explained by the scientists responsible for them…but we can’t find a cure for ALS and other deadly diseases? I just don’t buy it.

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