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So I don’t know these people, and I actually found this channel when I learned about the type of cancer that Kira was diagnosed with and started looking it up to see if anyone had beaten it. I fell down a rabbit hole of watching Kira’s Youtube channel, and this video of her doing a Q&A with her mom is one of those videos I will never forget. The pain is palpable- I see a mom trying as best she can to be strong and not show the heartbreak that is killing her, knowing that her daughter has a cancer that is actually killing her. Trying her best to enjoy her time spent with her daughter and savor the present, yet simultaneously she is memorizing every inch of her daughter’s face in anticipatory grief, and doing her best to give her daughter strength and peace. I come back to Kira’s Youtube channel every couple years, and I don’t really know why. This story just really struck me and has never left me. It makes me so sad, heavy hearted, and I didn’t even know the family- so I can only imagine how hard her loss was for her family and loved ones. I hope Kira has given her family a sign that she is watching over them, or at least that they have found a good way to stay connected to her memory. RIP Kira Stanley

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